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We are the best at fire

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

We know many of us have had issues with small appliance in their homes in the past. We get calls about fry daddy’s, toaster ovens, toasters, microwaves, and pressure cookers. Recently, we received a call about soot damage which isn’t unusual. We get calls about soot damages fairly frequent. The soot damage was caused by the microwave. It seems the homeowner was heating up dinner in the microwave and it malfunctioned causing smoke and soot to fill the home. The smoke and soot left behind so much residue. That’s when the homeowner knew she needed to call someone and why not call the best.

The customer called us and we were able to come out and clean the residue from the walls to the ceilings to the floors and cabinets. If you ever find yourself in a predicament that you need fire clean up, call the best in the business and that is us.

Basic Home Maintenance Can Prevent Your Home from Flooding

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Of the many issues that can cause flooding in your home or attic, an often-overlooked item is a clogged gutter system. This critical network of water diversion works to send runoff from your roof to areas away from your house's vulnerable foundation but can often get filled with leaves and other debris. When this system fails or does not work as it should, the results could be serious. Learn how to keep your gutters clean and what to do if you experience flooding.

Keeping gutters clean

The gutters surrounding the eaves of your home exist to help prevent instances of flood damage from occurring. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not even know about a problem with this network of channeling until it is full and causing a water backflow or overflow situation to arise. Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year – in the spring and in the fall when you’re most likely to experience leaves or needs dropping and clogging up drains. If you have pine trees near your home, needles will need to be removed every three months to reduce the potential for clogging the gutters and downspouts. There are actually a few simple steps to prevent this from happening so you don’t experience a flood in your home. Simply getting up on the roof near your gutters and manually cleaning out the blockage is a good start. Many homeowners will you a power spray or hose with a narrow nozzle to get the blockage you’re unable to get by hand. There are also services that will come out and keep your gutters clean if you prefer not to do it.

Keeping your roof in good condition

The Arizona sun can really do a number on your roof. It’s important to keep an eye on it and address any areas of weakness where water may come through. Whether you go up on the roof yourself to inspect or hire a professional to do it, it’s a smart idea to give your roof the once-over at least once a year to prevent water damage from a leaky roof. Depending on what your roof is made of a simple repair could do the trick, or you may need more substantial work.

Keeping good drainage around your home

Some monsoon seasons are more damaging than others. Before you experience a heavy rainstorm, walk around your home to make sure you have good drainage all around your home. If you find water puddling next to your foundation, or see water moving toward your home instead of away, it’s important to fix this so that water doesn’t seep in and cause damage to your home.

What do if you experience water damage

When you find this water making its way into your house, it is time to call in professionals who can handle this situation as efficiently as possible. From the moment that our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we work to assess what needs to happen to prevent water from continuing to enter your home and allow for extraction and drying to occur successfully. Depending on the severity of the flooding inside of your house, our SERVPRO professionals might only need to use portable pumps to remove the water. Larger quantities of water may require the use of a pump truck. Once the water is removed, we’ll dry the premises and work with any water-damaged items to restore or remove the materials.

A clogged or damaged gutter system cannot divert the water away from your home, and it eventually allows it to pool by the foundation and force its way inside. If clogged gutters, a leaky roof or poor drainage cause flooding to your home, reach out to our experienced SERVPRO of Phoenix team of restoration specialists. We can help you remove the water and bring your home back to the way that it should be. Give us a call anytime, 24/7, at (805)922-5457.

Santa Maria Water Damage Company Reports How High Winds Contribute to Water Damage

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Wind doesn’t need rain to contribute to water damage. High winds can cause damage to a roof and other parts of a building that make is possible for rain that comes along at a later time to intrude and the water damage experts from SERVPRO of Santa Maria have some important tips to help property owners minimize or prevent damage.

One of the first things to do is inspect the roof, around windows and doors, and check for loose siding after a wind storm. A high wind, even a dry one, can loosen shingles and further weaken old and slightly damaged areas of a building. Once this happens it’s much easier for the next rain to get into the roof and walls.

· Older buildings, and older roofs are particularly susceptible to being damaged by wind.

· If damage is discovered, inspect for signs of water damage or mold. Water may have gotten into the building long before the most recent wind.

· Mold is a sign that water has already been present.

· If no water damage or mold is present, make the necessary repairs as soon as possible and definitely before the next rain. · If water damage or mold is found, call a specialist such as SERVPRO of Santa Maria for water damage repair.

SERVPRO certified water damage restoration technicians use advanced water inspection, extraction and drying equipment and techniques to remove any trace of water or mold. The advanced equipment helps locate hidden moisture that might otherwise go undetected and continue to cause damage. Once all the moisture is located, the entire affected area is dried with powerful dehumidifiers then cleaned with professional grade cleaning and sanitizing agents. Any part of walls, ceiling, roof or floor that has been damaged beyond repair is removed so the needed replacements and repairs can happen.

The SERVPRO of Santa Maria technicians have the expertise, experience and equipment to properly restore damaged property. The franchise is an IICRC Certified firm and the team members are highly trained, holding certifications for:

· AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

· ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician

· CCT - Carpet Cleaning Technician

· CMT - Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician

· FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician

· RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation

· WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

Locally owned SERVPRO of Santa Maria specializes in cleanup and restoration services for damage caused by water, fire, storms and mold and mildew. SERVPRO also works with insurance companies to help manage the paperwork and the claim process. One less thing a stressed property owner needs to worry about while the property is repaired and returned to the condition, “Like it never even happened.” Available to help anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when damage strikes. SERVPRO of Santa Maria is the trusted water damage restoration company. SERVPRO of Santa Maria

1279 W. Stowell Road, Suite C

Santa Maria, CA 93458

(805) 922-5457

SERVPRO of Santa Maria, serving Orcutt, announces ‘Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned’ for COVID-19 sanitizing

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Santa Maria, serving Orcutt, recently announced that the local franchise is offering Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, an advanced viral pathogen cleaning program for businesses. The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield in your front window shows the community that your business has committed to a higher and safer standard of clean.

More than 50 years of experience in cleaning, sanitizing and restoring businesses and residence from water damage, fire damage, mold, natural disasters and more has provided SERVPRO with the expertise to meet all of the regulatory requirements for businesses to operate safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program includes:

· Cleaning processes and procedures that adhere to the standards set by the CDC and local authorities.

· EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade Disinfectants that are National Sanitation Foundation certified for direct food contact surface use.

· Cleaning of all touchpoints and surrounding surfaces.

· Disinfecting of non-porous surfaces.

The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield means that the SERVPRO of Santa Maria professionally trained team has cleaned and sanitized your business, following proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry standards.

The first step is to create a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. SERVPRO of Santa Maria follows the SERVPRO “3Cs” approach to make sure your needs are thoroughly assessed and the plan meets your deep cleaning needs:

· Consult: Not all businesses are the same. The SERVPRO of Santa Maria team works with you to develop a tailored cleaning program.

· Clean: Based on the agreed plan, an expert deep clean is initiated using our proprietary EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions and always adhering to the leading level of cleaning and decontamination standards set by the CDC.

· Certify: The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield tells the public your business has met the stringent CDC standards for COVID-19 sanitation in Santa Maria.

SERVPRO of Santa Maria is locally owned and operated and proud to serve the community of Santa Maria and surrounding communities. The trained and experienced team has IICRC Certified Firm certifications, along with WRT Water Damage Restoration Technician training and certifications for cleaning up and restoring properties from water, fire, storm and mold and mildew damage.

Available 24/7, SERVPRO works with your insurance to help manage the insurance paperwork and provide a stress free claims process. Call today for answers to your questions, a free quote and to schedule your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned appointment. SERVPRO of Santa Maria

1279 W. Stowell Road, Suite C

Santa Maria, CA 93458

(805) 922-5457

‘What Is Water Damage?’

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

When we hear “water damage” we think of storms or floods destroying things in their paths to the slow dripping leak from a cracked water pipe, but few stop to think about how water damages things. Mark Powers, owner of SERVPRO of Orcutt, CA recently released a report that answers the question “What is water damage?”

Water causes damage by:

· Creating a situation for mold to grow: Mold needs moisture and organic material to thrive. Moisture enlivens dormant mold spores, that digest organic material, weakening and breaking down wood, fabric and other materials. Mold can also contribute to health effects.

· Weakening and rotting organic materials: Organic materials absorb and hold water and over time the fibers break down and fall apart. Water also dissolves the adhesives used to create laminated and engineered wood such as particle board and oriented strand board (OSB).

· Creating a situation for insect invasion: Some insects like living in moist areas, and some others, like termites, invade weakened wood causing more damage.

· Rust happens when iron and oxygen react with water, or damp air. Iron and iron alloys such as steel, are subject to rust. Over time, if neglected, rust eats through layers of metal and can eventually weaken metal.

· Weakening and dissolving masonry and grout: Brick, cement, tiles, grout and other masonry products are popular for their durability, but masonry contracts and expands as moisture enters and evaporates. When exposed to water and moisture for prolong periods, masonry will begin to weaken and crumble.

· Causing stains on fabric, walls, floors, ceilings and elsewhere: When water mixes with dust, wood finishes, paint, a variety of other materials such as sewage, household chemicals, fabric dye and even some food and beverages, stains result. In some cases, cleaning can removed the stain and hard surfaces can be refinished or repainted. Some stains to certain kinds of fabric might be resistant to cleaning.

The sooner leaks, broken pipes, overflowing appliances, leaky roofs and other sources of excess water and moisture are addressed, the less damage there will be. Regular inspections are an important part of identifying and fixing issues before they cause damage. Other strategies for preventing water damage include:

· Taking protective precautions before a storm, such as using sand bags to divert water away from buildings

· Periodically inspect the roof for leaks, especially after a heavy storm

· Inspect the attic, basement and crawl spaces for built up moisture

· Make sure all appliance hoses and connections are tight and not leaking

· Check under sinks and around showers, bathtubs and toilets to make sure there are no leaks

· Repair any weak or rotting windows, doors, decking and building exteriors

Locally owned SERVPRO of Orcutt is ready 24/7 to respond to water damage. Whether your property has been flooded, a pipe has broken, or you have water damage from some other source the expert team of highly trained water damage technicians can help. SERVPRO of Orcutt is a trusted leader in the water restoration industry, using the most advanced inspection techniques and extraction and drying equipment.

SERVPRO of Santa Maria 

1279 W. Stowell Road, Suite C Santa Maria, CA 93458

(805) 922-5457

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‘Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company’

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

“Better late that never” is not a good philosophy when addressing water damage in your home or business. The old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” is much more appropriate and finding out exactly what kinds of water damage your insurance covers is one stitch closer to being prepared.

Mark Powers, franchise owner of SERVPRO of Orcutt said, “Water damage can be very expensive to repair, especially if it goes undetected or if there is a catastrophic event.” A leader in repairing water damage, mold and fire damage, SERVPRO works with hundreds of insurance companies to help property owners get their claims processed fairly and quickly. “But, we can only help process claims that your insurance covers,” said Powers.

The time to learn what your insurance company covers and doesn’t cover is before you buy the policy. Insurance does not prevent leaking or broken pipes or the toilet or bathtub overflowing, but you can certainly have peace of mind knowing what kinds of water damage incidents your insurance will cover.

Questions to ask your insurance agent include, “Am I covered for water damage caused by:”

· Storms, including heavy snow if your property is in snow country

· Water damage that is the result of putting out a fire

· Toilet, bathtub, washing machine or other appliance overflowing

· A leaking roof

· Water damage to walls, floors and cabinets

· Burst, leaking or faulty plumbing

· Mold damage that is the result of water damage

· Vandalism

· Any other type of water damage

As mentioned, insurance is not going to prevent accidents, but knowing you are covered when something does happen certainly helps reduce some of the stress.

Individual insurance companies may cover more or fewer circumstances and the scenarios may vary. For example, if the roof leaks the insurance may only cover the replacement and repair of possessions inside the house, but not replacement costs for the roof. This is just one example of why it is important to know what your insurance covers.

Typically, insurance does not cover water damage that is caused by neglect. This is why it is important to inspect for leaks and repair any potential problem as soon as possible.

Flood insurance that helps restore your property and possessions after a flood is typically a separate policy. If you live on a flood plain or in an area otherwise subject to flooding, your insurance agent can help you get flood insurance.

Locally owned SERVPRO of Orcutt is ready 24/7 to help. The expert team of highly trained water damage technicians are trusted leaders in the water restoration industry, using the most advanced inspection techniques and extraction and drying equipment.

SERVPRO of Santa Maria 

1279 W. Stowell Road, Suite C Santa Maria, CA 93458

(805) 922-5457

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Strongest Traits of a Water Damage Restoration Company

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Hope is one of the most important things for people to feel after their home or business is flooded or damaged by water in any other way. It’s important to find the right assistance to stimulate that hope after the water is under control and Mark Powers, owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria, water damage specialist, has prepared a report to help people know the best traits of a water damage restoration company.

These important traits include:

· Fast response: A serious leak or burst pipe strikes anytime of the day or night. Choose a company with a reputation for being fast to the scene and quick to start the cleanup and restoration processes.

· Specialist in water, mold and fire damage: Whenever there’s a fire, water damage is part of the scenario. Hundreds to thousands of gallons of water, and sometimes other fire retardant material, is used to put out the fire. Water spreads quickly, mixes with soot, chemical substances that may have been in the building and with fire retardant chemicals and seeps into everything. Water also stimulates mold spores to grow. The technicians need to be trained and certified in a wide range of technologies, including: Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration. Make sure the company has all of the industrial-level equipment needed for removing water, soot, ash, and the odors. The water damage company serving Santa Maria has detailed information about east step of the restoration process on the website.

· The ability and commitment to restore instead of replace: Not everything that is touched by water needs to be lost. With the appropriate training, equipment, and technologies a surprising number of items can be saved. The best water damage companies have restoration methods at their disposal that include everything from items that simply need to be thoroughly dried down to dry cleaning and deep cleaning needed to remove every trace of stain, mold and odors. There are specialized drying techniques for delicate items such as books, photographs and art. Restoration services include advice regarding items, such as appliances, electronics or other equipment that may have been damaged but need to be cleaned and restored by qualified electronics technicians.

· Support from start to finish: So many emotions surface in the aftermath of any kind of damage to a home or business. Feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do first, the sadness upon discovering treasured items, dread about dealing with the insurance company all pile on top of the original shock. It’s important to work with a water damage company that provides support from the first phone call until the job is done. Support includes walking through the premises with the client as soon as it is safe and assessing both structural damage and personal property damage, creating a detailed inventory of damaged property, assistance with determining value of items, providing a detailed and accurate report and helping file the claim with the insurance company and monitoring the claim process. When any emergency strikes, the damage can often feel overwhelming. The water damage company, SERVPRO of Santa Maria, understands how stressful and chaotic water damage can be. The company is locally owned and operated and has met the needs of the Central Coast community for repairing and restoring damage from fire, water and mold since the company was established. The company’s highly trained staff is available to respond quickly and professionally. SERVPRO works with their clients from the moment they receive the call until the job is done and the customer is satisfied. SERVPRO of Santa Maria

1279 W. Stowell Road, Suite C

Santa Maria, CA 93458

(805) 922-5457

4 Hidden Causes of a Cigarette Fire

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

Hidden Causes of a Cigarette Fire

Although everyone knows a cigarette fire can cause considerable damage to a home, exactly how this type of fire happens may be less obvious. Cigarette fires start for many reasons. Here are four lesser-known — but no less dangerous — causes.

1. Ashtray Fires
When smokers extinguish their cigarettes in ashtrays, they expect those cigarettes to go out. This isn't always the case. A pile of spent ashes from another smoker can start a fire if those earlier ashes haven't been put out completely. A smoker in a hurry may think he or she has fully extinguished a cigarette when, in reality, that butt is still burning. Ashtrays in public spaces can also be filled with trash and other materials that are essentially tinder for an ashtray fire.

2. Careless Outside Smoking
People smoke outside their homes for many reasons, including the belief that smoking outdoors will eliminate any chance of a fire occurring inside the home. This is false.
Although smoking outside is listed on many fire prevention checklists, smoking in the driveway or other outdoor areas can still cause a cigarette fire. Leaving a lit cigarette on a porch or a deck can cause a fire, for example. Tossing a cigarette into the grass can also create the need for fire cleanup.

3. Trashcan Ash
When placed into the trash with other garbage, the tiniest of embers can start a fire. Cigarette ashes must be completely extinguished before disposal to prevent the chance of a fire.

4. E-Cigarettes
Many assume that e-cigarettes cannot cause a fire because they are flameless. This is false. Although rare, the battery in an e-cig can overheat, causing a potentially fiery explosion.
Even with preventative measures, a cigarette fire can still happen in Santa María, CA. In the event that it does, contact your local fire damage restoration company to return your home to its original condition.

3 Things You Should Know About Flood Water

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

Three Things To Remember About Flood Water

If your Santa Maria CA, home has experienced water damage from a storm or flooding you may be wondering how to go about cleanup and repairs. However, there are a few things you should understand about the water in your home to help ensure that the restoration process is done correctly. Here are three things to remember about flood water.

1. It’s Categorized as Black Water

It’s important to note that any storm caused flooding is categorized as black water. It’s is due to the fact that it’s impossible to know where exactly this water has been, and there’s a risk it could have come in contact with sewage material. This means that there are a number of safety standards that should be met during the restoration process to ensure that your home isn’t contaminated by bacteria.

2. A Professional Should Be Called

When dealing with damage from storm flooding it’s important to follow safety procedures to avoid contamination. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to contact a local water damage restoration service to help with clean up and repairs. These professionals can not only remove the water and restore you home but can offer a variety of cleaning services as well to help ensure that any possible bacteria carried by the flood water are removed.

3. The Affected Area Will Need To Be Cleaned

Because Flood water is potentially contaminated, the affected area will need to be properly cleaned and sanitized. This is another thing a restoration service can help you with. It’s important to remember that any items in the flooded rooms will need to be cleaned as well.

It’s important to remember that storm flooding is classified as black water. This means that and water damage should be cleaned up by a professional restoration service to help ensure that the affected area is properly cleaned and sanitized. If you have any questions these professionals should be able to help.

How Long Does it Take to Pump Flood Water Out?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment and Methods to Extract Flood Waters from your Santa Maria Home.

Standing water in the home, which is commonly associated with flood events, can cause significant harm. An exceptional amount of stress and pressure is exerted upon a building's structure by water weight. Furthermore, the migration of water into cavities or beneath floorboards can complicate the drying process. 

The primary approach to flood water extraction for your Santa Maria home is to assess the type of water content and contamination levels. SERVPRO technicians rely on many kinds of extraction tools dependent on the unique conditions of the flooded property. Sometimes larger, truck-mounted extractors are the most efficient. At other times, a restricted access space may necessitate portable extractors. 

  • Portable extractors typically have a five to twelve-gallon storage tank with 140 inches of water lift capacity.
  • Truck Mounted Extractors can have storage tanks over one hundred gallons with a lift capacity of at least 185.71 inches.
  • Both extractors can be fitted with extraction tools such as extraction wands or additional weighting.