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Understanding Residential Fungus: The Key Differences Between Mold and Mildew

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

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Differences Between Mold and Mildew

Mildew and mold damage are two very different sides of the same fungus coin. One is repaired easily without the need for professional intervention while the other is likely more invasive and requires removal experts. Understanding the differences between mold and mildew will help you determine the necessary course of action.

1. Different Colors

Mildew growth is not as vibrant as mold and is likely varying shades of gray and white. Mold is more colorful, typically appearing as either green or black. While there is a tendency to assume mold is black mold because of its color, that is not often the case; there are special tests that need to be performed to determine mold type.

2. Varying Textures

Mold damage is typically identified by its fuzzy texture and its nature to seep into porous materials. Mildew is generally flat and may even resemble a stain or slight discoloration of the material it is found on.

3. Diverse Infestation Methods

Mold growth will typically start near a cool, damp source and branch out, and it can begin colonizing with 12 days of the initial growth. Mildew is not as aggressive, but it can also spread fairly quickly. Mildew, however, will typically stay localized while mold will spread out in every direction, even jumping areas through ventilation and ductwork.

4. Various Cleaning Methods and Remedies

While mildew is a surface fungus that does not penetrate deep within materials, mold is more aggressive. Mold begins deep within, and when it appears on the surface, it likely means a bigger problem. Mold will probably require a mold remediation specialist in the Santa Maria, CA, area, but mildew can be remedied with many store-bought cleaners.

Mildew and mold damage are similar yet starkly different. Mildew is remedied quickly with inexpensive cleaners, but mold is persistent, and it lingers in crevices and cavities which is why mold often requires professional assistance.

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