What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I was home alone at night when my laundry room flooded and the fire alarms started going off! My own husband is a firefighter and he was in Los Angeles at work. After Santa Maria Fire Dept #4 left, the wonderful, helpful, professional men from SERVPRO Santa Maria arrived. I couldn't be more impressed with Alex Ayala and Juan Perez! After they told me it was going to get loud and hot, and that they would move anything that needed moving, I went to my bedroom, shut the door and felt completely comfortable having these two professionals in my home handling my disaster. What great guys! I think I even dozed off, I was that comfortable being alone with Alex and Juan. That's a big deal. We've been happy with SERVPRO, Alex and Juan every step of the way.

I hope you never have a disaster... but if you do, call SERVPRO Santa Maria, then relax when Alex and Juan arrive to save the day! Thanks again, guys!

"The care given to wrapping , protecting and packing my belongings, including a great deal of expensive crystal and china was quite impressive and appreciated. This is a great group of men you have working. I appreciate what they are doing."

I was pleasantly surprised at how professional everyone has been. Great job.

All of the employees was very professional.

Travis, & Juan are all excellent workers for SERVPRO. They made us feel at peace with our situation,

We were so pleased with the service we received at this difficult time. Could not have better. Thank You!

Thank you to Devin, Travis, & Alex for their prompt response.

Just keep doing what you are doing- it works great!

It was certainly a relief to have an organization like yours when this emergency case, and the quick response was amazing. Thank you!

Responded properly when notified by insurances company. Good work!

The entire team was excellent, professional & polite.

Guys at SERVPRO were very courteous.

They are quick in responses.

Daniel is a very hard workers. I love SERVPRO of Santa Maria they are hard workers.

SERVPRO was very promt and professional.

I have no complaints